EF-9: Visual Effects

Working with an expert international team of visual effects artists, high-end 3D modelling techniques were teamed with FIELD's generative design systems to create the unique films that make up Energy Flow. Hear Technical Director, Vincent Houzé discuss the technical challenges of the project in the video below.

Interview with Technical Director Vincent Houzé

"We wanted to come up with processes to visualise information in a graphical and beautiful way".

Technical Director, Vincent Houzé

Technical Development

In EF-1: Life, creative animation experts modelled 3D skeletons of the Leopard and Impala.

EF-4: Riots used motion capture technology to create the Rioters, capturing complex human movements and physical interactions, then mapping and translating the data into 3D models.

Skeleton and muscle development
3D model mapping
3D model look development

Procedural animation in EF-3: Infinity created fragmented structures. Rather than model this diverse landscape by hand, procedural animation automatically generated the complex animation using formula and code.

Procedural animation in Infinity