EF-8: Music

Music and sound design is an integral part of the Energy Flow experience. Collaborating with sound designer, David Kamp, a dynamic, non-linear soundtrack for Energy Flow was developed.

Three components of sound make up each of the 1000 sound tracks for Energy Flow; the score, picture-synced sound effects and subtle, generative sounds for added variety. Many audio modules are created for each component, which are then generatively mixed, allowing the music to strongly influence the experience.


Having a broad range of "emotions" in the music, (epic, neutral, threatening, etc ) allowed the music to tint the mood in which the visuals are perceived, one of the core duties of film music since its inception.

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David Kamp talks about the generative sound and music for Energy Flow

About David Kamp

David Kamp's award winning work centers around the animation genre in all its forms. His projects include non-linear music in installation settings, commecial works and music and sound design for various independent animation films.


Technical Approach

Kamp took a modular approach to the music composition, creating a library of pre-produced music packs. These packs were stylised using a variety of sounds - from drone based electronic, to more organic, orchestral and vocal based pieces, as well as more digital synthesis techniques.

Synced sound effects were developed to be realistic and to give the visuals an element of believability. Samples of biological sounds of the body, recorded through a medical stethoscope, matched the energy streams flowing through the Leopard in EF-1: Life; and microscopic sound recordings of electronic devices helped create the sonic landscape of the huge server farms in EF-3 Infinity.

Custom built microphone to record sounds of electrical currents
Materials for the creation of special effects audio and foley