EF-7: Skynet

Unchartered landscapes, both macro and micro, are scanned and explored in the seventh story of Energy Flow; Skynet. From the perspective of a drone plane high above the earth, to extreme close ups of unknown terrains, Skynet presents abstract perspectives of opposite scales.

EF-7: Skynet has been created in collaboration with digital artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer, using generative processes to manipulate and abstract photo-real images.

"I started gathering references and recording sounds and taking macro-pictures of the specific plants. I then took them and created a digital landscape."

Andreas Nicolas Fischer


Aerial imagery provides a fascinating perspective on unchartered terrain, providing an observation deck that is otherwise unattainable. It's a perspective that is revealed to us through images from scientific research, NASA or satellites, making reference to subject matter that is often confidential or under government control. Inspired by the secrecy of surveillance, the Skynet viewer gains this birds-eye view.

Read the observation of Skynet from The Creators Project

Technical Approach

Selections of satellite images were patched together randomly to create new surfaces which would set the stage for the simulated surveillance, the part of Skynet that presents the macro viewpoint. Microscopic textures were also created based on examinations of fabrics, plants and skin surfaces. Rendered in 3D and and with top cameras panning and tilting, the macro and micro worlds merge in to a unique digital landscape.

3D tests in terrain abstraction
2D tests in terrain abstraction