EF-3: Infinity

Super-computer landscapes present boundless, digital panoramas in EF-3 Infinity.

These vast computer data centres, the crucial backbones of our information super-highways, are made up of complicated wiring networks and perform almost infinite tasks. It's through the power of these great digital beasts, that new discoveries about our world have been facilitated such as leaps in quantum physics and molecular modelling.

EF-3: Infinity, breaks down the physical manifestation of these macrocosms, fragmenting the immensely complicated networks to simple blinking bytes of data.


The sheer magnitude of the world's data centres, in the physical and also computational sense, is something to be in awe of. The recently released imagery of Google's global data centres, show us these infinite systems, which hint at the great unknown and man's constant drive to seek out the new.

On a similar scale of wonder is the work of Andreas Gursky, with his large format images of architecture and landscapes, detailing unique vantage points that make this subject matter almost unbelievable.

David Schnell
Google Data Center
Andreas Gursky

Technical Approach

The 3D modelling of Infinity is made with a process called instancing, which duplicates, distributes and randomises a series of pre-defined building blocks, such as the different rack types, ceiling structure, etc, to create the illusion of a massive scale.

A single rack unit before instancing
3D technical modelling
Final visual style