EF-2: Chance

The second story in the Energy Flow series explores the indeterminate concept of chance, examining themes of cause and effect, order and chaos.

Through the familiar symbols of dice, EF-2: Chance looks at how small events can have great effects. From a handful of dice rolling and colliding on a game board, the scenes escalate into supernatural scenarios, before finally forming mathematical sculptures above the scale adorned board.

The scenes of Chance weave through the Energy Flow films like trigger events – complex systems emerge from simple interactions; seemingly minor events escalate into chain reactions – a hint at the inevitability of change, and the boundary of scientific and spiritual.

Taring the ratio of control versus randomness that drives the physics of our world, Chance explores the interconnectedness and fragility of our universe.


The idea that distanced events are connected has fuelled mathematics and cybernetics, just as much as spiritualism and occult ideas. Literature, art, and science have tried to grasp and describe the fascination of unlikely events, strange coincidences, parallel but connected universes.

The graph of a Lorenz attractor creates a figure-eight or butterfly shape
Sculpture by Tony Cragg

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Technical Approach

Simulated physical forces play the most important role in the Chance scenes –gravity, friction, repel and magnetism; alongside mathematical functions.

For example, the gigantic flock of dice swirling above the game board is driven by a Lorenz attractor, a mathematical model that describes a time-sensitive, chaotic system that will never reach a stable state.

Snapshots and Experiments from the Look Development for Chance