EF-10: Composer

The stories of Energy Flow are interwoven into unique sequences through a generative software called Composer. The bespoke system developed by FIELD, seamlessly re-combines ever-different combinations of film and sound, to create the 1,000 iterations of the Energy Flow stories.

Each pre-produced audio and visual asset in Energy Flow is stored in a library database and meta-tagged to indicate its place in a narrative arc. The Composer software, a system of many interacting rules, generates a unique narrative curve for each film and fills it with assets from the library.

The EF Composer in action

The Composer also generates a unique soundtrack for every single film. One of eight music styles, sound effects, and special samples that underline the narrative are combined to create an overarching score, according to the rules in the Composer.

Read all about the generative sound and music for Energy Flow, and an interview with sound artist David Kamp, in the EF-Music post.

The Composer software interface with a timeline preview of each film