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About Energy Flow

Energy Flow is a non-linear film experience that explores the physical, social and spiritual tensions in our world.

Translating real-life events and processes into digital paintings in motion, Energy Flow weaves multiple story lines into an immersive, audio-visual experience that is unique every time it is played.

Created by digital art studio FIELD with support from The Creators Project, Energy Flow is now available on iOS and Android.

10 Stories – 1000 Perspectives

The bespoke algorithmic system of Energy Flow interlinks the stories into countless unique film experiences.

From a quick dream rush to a meditative impression, each iteration of Energy Flow presents a different abstract narrative full of crosslinks and connotations; reflecting that there is never just one perspective on our complex world.


FIELD is a studio for digital art and design based in London, creating expressive and dynamic artworks for digital platforms.

Their works explore colour, life, and infinity through new technology and a research-led approach – hi-tech audiovisual experiences with a human touch.

Meet FIELD - profile video
David Kamp about the generative Sound and Music for Energy Flow

About David Kamp

David Kamp is a Berlin based composer. His award winning work centers around the animation genre in all its forms. His projects include non-linear music in installation settings, commecial works and music and sound design for various independent animation films.

About The Creators Project

Founded by Intel and VICE, The Creators Project is a global arts initiative that supports visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology to push the boundaries of creative expression. The project includes a daily blog and video channel, a content-creation studio, and a traveling event series.

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See the full list of team and collaborators here.

Energy Flow Press

Since the launch of the App in December 2012, Energy Flow has received a host of publicity across design communities, creative publications and global arts networks. See some of the Energy Flow press coverage here.

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Contact Us

Energy Flow will be translated into multiple experience platforms beyond its App release in December 2012. If you are from a gallery, festival or arts organisation, and are interested in screening or hosting Energy Flow, we'd love to talk!

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Directors' Cuts

EF-1: Life Director's Cut by FIELD
EF-3: Infinity Director's Cut by FIELD
EF-4: Riots Director's Cut by FIELD
EF-5: Gravity Director's Cut by Sergio Calderon
EF-6: LHC Director's Cut by Maxim Meshkov
EF-7: Skynet Director's Cut by Andreas Nicolas Fischer

Behind The Scenes

Read all about the stories, how the generative films are made.

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Contributing Artists Discuss Energy Flow